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Set sail on Millennium Falcon? Disney cruise ship snags 'Star Wars' upgrade

You don't need to be buds with Han Solo and Chewbacca to visit the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, starting in October.

By April 22, 2015


Ice cream headache for Uber in free ice cream promotion

​Uber is facing a backlash over its "free ice cream" promotion after Australian customers complained of being repeatedly hit with hidden fees.

By July 17, 2014


Ice cream maker churns out a tune

The Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Compressor is capable of making ice cream in a variety of styles. One of three preset tunes plays to signal when it is ready.

By August 9, 2012


Smitten Ice Cream's special ingredient? Liquid nitrogen (video)

San Francisco ice cream maker Robyn Sue Fisher shows SmartPlanet how a machine called "Kelvin" uses liquid nitrogen to whip up ice cream made to order.

By January 3, 2012


Gelato brings real-time search to online dating

A new dating site aims to give users better results by filtering their interests through potential matches' real-time social-networking data.

By September 22, 2009


LG Enlighten to join Verizon this fall?

The LG Enlighten might be a new midrange Android phone for Verizon this fall.

By August 5, 2011


Leaked LG roadmap reveals Android Prada phone, high-res screen to trump iPhone 4's

LG's leaked handset roadmap reveals a new Prada phone, a batch of Android phones, a Windows Phone, and a display that could finally trump the iPhone 4's.

By July 25, 2011


LG's smartphone plans for second half of 2011 leaked

LG has become the latest handset maker to have its short-term product line end up online. Will it continue to focus on the lower end of the spectrum?

By July 22, 2011


LG Optimus Slider planned for September

Two carriers have been leaked as having a sliding handset code-named Gelato on the horizon from LG. Might the handset maker be preparing for another blanket release, similar to the Optimus One?

By June 6, 2011


Dual-screen LG handset leaks with T-Mobile branding

Featuring a new Android design, the sliding QWERTY keyboard offers a secondary display.

By June 16, 2011