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Geekify Booth

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Geekify Booth HD

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BrainSpeak Magazine - Your Best Source for Personal Development News, Tips and, Inspiration

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Over 1,000 iMac aquariums sold: Fish screensavers are still in style

You can buy your own iMac aquarium (or lamp or eMac clock) online from Jake Harms, who turned a DIY hobby into a business.

By May 26, 2015


Geekify your living room with a recycled Mac coffee table

Obsolete desktops find a new purpose in life propping up your feet in the form of a G3 or G4 Mac coffee table.

By August 22, 2012


Geekify your kitchen with 8-bit chopping boards

These cutting boards made from chequerboard patterns of end grain make them the perfect blank slate, just waiting to be turned into 8-bit gaming icons.

By August 2, 2012


Giant NES controller table gets the steampunk treatment

Another NES controller coffee table has arrived on the scene -- this time with a distinctly steampunk flavor.

By May 9, 2013


Floppytable makes floppies relevant again

The floppy is dead, long live the Floppytable! An industrial-strength coffee table in the shape of a classic floppy will bring back memories of the days before flash drives and cloud computing.

By November 29, 2012


Dice Gauntlet puts unlimited rolling power on your wrist

Gather your hit points, cast your spells, and become the coolest RPGer at the table with the Dice Gauntlet, an epic wrist bracer with built-in digital dice.

By October 9, 2012