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Mad Catz GBA Armor Case

The Mad Catz GBA Armor Case can hold the GBA SP and a decent number of games securely, which is all we want a case of this class to do.

August 23, 2006

3 stars Editors' rating August 23, 2006

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Visteon and Nintendo put GBA on wheels

Visteon and Nintendo put GBA on wheels

By January 6, 2006


Dogz coming to GBA

If you're hankering for some virtual pet action a la Nintendogs but only own a GameBoy Advance, then never fear. Ubisoft will release its own puppy simulator, Dogz, for the GBA in November.

By October 12, 2005


RetroN 4 plays vintage games through HDMI

The Hyperkin console plays NES, SNES, Genesis, and GBA games on a single platform with HDTV and wireless controller support.

By March 7, 2013


Game Boy goes Micro, DS goes online

Nintendo will release an even smaller version of the Game Boy Advance this year. The Game Boy Micro is only four inches wide, two inches tall and 0.7 inches deep, and has all the functions of a GBA SP.

By May 17, 2005


Play 15 classic consoles with one controller

This monster DIY project jams 15 consoles into one box, and lets you play them all with a single gamepad.

By April 16, 2013


The Nintendo 3DS finally gets Game Boy Advance games

Early adopters of the Nintendo 3DS can download Game Boy Advance games starting today, but everyone else is still out of luck.

By December 16, 2011


T-Mobile corrects reports on Wi-Fi calling for Nexus 4

Though support documents posted this morning suggested the Nexus 4 could support Wi-Fi calling, T-Mobile has confirmed that the Android phone will not have the feature.

By November 12, 2012


Kogan offers AU$49 PS Vita clone

It's AU$49 and it comes with "1000s of games". But don't get confused - this most certainly is not the PlayStation Vita it resembles.

By October 28, 2012