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Google's Schmidt: Android 'more secure than the iPhone'

Schmidt didn't say what he based his comment on, but the comment will ruffle feathers among iOS fans.

By October 8, 2013


Ballmer: Office for iPad to follow touch version for Windows

What is one Windows? To Steve Ballmer it means a "common user interface, common programming interface, common security architecture, and user interface adaptability."

By October 8, 2013


Schmidt: Google Now approach could work for businesses

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt tells CIOs they need to blow up their infrastructure pronto, argues Android is secure, and covers a lot of turf.

By October 7, 2013


Gartner on IT vs. the economic crisis

ZDNet's Larry Dignan reports from the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Florida on what the firm's analysts see on the road ahead for corporate IT departments.

By October 14, 2008


Ballmer: It's OK to wait for Windows 7

Microsoft's CEO, speaking to enterprise customers, says Windows 7 is worth the wait and that a Yahoo deal still makes sense.

By October 16, 2008


I agree with Ballmer: Let's wait for Windows 7

Don Reisinger agrees with Ballmer: let's wait for Windows 7 instead of buying Windows Vista.

By October 17, 2008


If Intel's worried about suppliers, so should the rest of IT

Are there any IT companies too big to fail? Don't bet on it--and that's the message coming out of Intel today.

By October 14, 2008


Analyst: Half of 'social media campaigns' will flop

New research from Gartner, to be presented later this month, encourages marketers and businesses to approach social media with caution because it's just so easy to screw up.

By October 6, 2008


Sun shows off its proximity communication silicon

Getting rid of the tiny wires inside computers would greatly improve performance. Sun Microsystems wants to do that with proximity communication, but it will take time.

By April 11, 2008


Dell: Microsoft warnings haven't hurt Linux uptake

CEO Michael Dell says Microsoft's patent-infringement claims have not affected sales of its Linux servers.

By October 12, 2007