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Gang foiled in plot to take over Santander UK's computers

A criminal gang tried to take control of Santander's computers to steal millions, and they used some pretty basic tech, too.

By September 14, 2013


NYPD beefs up gang unit after Facebook success

The New York Police Department brought down two gangs using evidence gathered from the social network; because of this achievement it is now beefing up its online investigative unit.

By October 2, 2012


Intel's Windows 8 gang will try to muscle in on iPad turf

Intel and its PC partners will move aggressively to win business customers, which Intel claims is a key advantage for Windows 8 running on its chips.

By September 27, 2012


Facebook becomes gang's stomping ground -- and demise

New York Police discovered two gangs using the social network to threaten, taunt, and grandstand each other -- giving them evidence to arrest 49 members who are now facing murder charges.

By September 12, 2012


Wal-Mart, Best Buy, others gang up on Google Wallet

Merchant group unveils rival to Google Wallet also includes Target, Sears, and Lowe's. But the new MCX doesn't have a mobile app ready to go just yet.

By August 15, 2012


MediaFire to Hollywood studios: We're no 'outlaw gang'

Company denies the allegations made by a Paramount exec, who included it in a list of top 'rogue' Web sites.

By April 1, 2012


ZTE Era joins ICS gang, Kis and Acqua stick on Gingerbread

ZTE is making good on its plans to become a major player in the UK, with an Ice Cream Sandwich phone at the forefront.

By February 27, 2012


Facebook to unmask, send message to Koobface Gang

The world's largest social network will start sharing information it has gathered about the group, and engage in "public namings" to fight back.

By January 17, 2012


Google says Apple and Microsoft are ganging up to 'strangle' Android

Google has accused Microsoft, Apple and other companies of colluding to drive up the prices of Android devices, through crafty patent acquisition and lawsuits.

By August 4, 2011


Eric Schmidt: 'Gang of four' rules tech

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt at the D9 conference explains why Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook lead the consumer tech world.

By May 31, 2011