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GameSpot's The Lobby: What are the best Xbox 360 games ever?

The Xbox 360 turned ten years old this week so we invited Jeff Gerstmann, Ben Howard and Justin Haywald to help us run town the best games in the system's history!

By November 24, 2015


GameSpot's The Lobby - Xenoblade Chronicles X Pre-Review Impressions

Since coming out in Japan earlier this year, GameSpot's Peter & Alexa have had plenty of time to play Xenoblade Chronicles X so they tell the folks at The Lobby what they think before its North American release.

By November 19, 2015


GameSpot's The Lobby: Fallout 4 - Why we love base building

It may just be a side activity, but there are plenty of people who love base building in Fallout 4. GameSpot's Aaron Sampson and our very own Ashley Esqueda tell us why.

By November 17, 2015


GameSpot's The Lobby: Fallout 4 - When are glitches acceptable?

Fallout 4 may be a great game, but many people can't stand the glitches. GameSpot and Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann tells us when they think glitches are acceptable, and when they're not.

By November 10, 2015


GameSpot's The Lobby - Fallout 4: We review both controllers

Our sister site GameSpot takes a look at the custom Fallout 4 Xbox One controller and the usable Pip Boy Edition, and asks if Fallout fanboys like Danny O'Dwyer have wasted their money or not.

By November 4, 2015


GameSpot's The Lobby: Activision bought Candy Crush. Should you care?

Activision just spent $5.9 billion dollars on Candy Crush creator King.com. GameSpot's Just Haywald comes on to tell the folks at The Lobby what this means for the publisher and the future of the video game industry.

By November 3, 2015


GameSpot's The Lobby: Which is better -- Halo 5 or Destiny?

The GameSpot office debate has been raging, so we're going to settle it live on The Lobby. Has Destiny stolen Halo's crown? Or is the master back to dethrone a pretender?

By October 28, 2015


GameSpot Now Playing - Halo 5: Guardians

Join Mike Mahardy and Rob Handlery as they try out the early missions of the campaign in Halo 5: Guardians.

By October 25, 2015


GameSpot's The Lobby: What's new in Dark Souls 3?

After spending the weekend with Dark Souls 3, GameSpot's Mary Kish and Erick Tay talk about the similarities between the game, Bloodborne and previous games in the souls series.

By October 22, 2015


GameSpot's The Lobby: Should you buy Star Wars season pass?

Now that the beta has concluded, GameSpot's Rob Handlery, Aaron Sampson and Mike Mahardy talk about their time playing and whether they would spend the cash on a season pass.

By October 16, 2015