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The 404 1,452 : Where we we peel the labels with Killscreen (podcast)

Jamin Warren from Killscreen stops by for a chat on gaming culture and the stigmas that come with it, indie vs. AAA gaming, and the long tail of virtual reality in the living room by way of Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus.

By March 25, 2014


Ep. 1141: Where we feed the dogs

Board games go full Inception on today's show with Hasbro and Zynga teaming up to announce IRL board game versions of the popular digital games they created...that are actually based on the original games. Confused? We'll explain it on today's show, and also tell you about Will.i.am and Simon Cowell's latest gameshow idea, the Ninja Turtles' new catch phrase, and much more.

By October 2, 2012


CNET UK Podcast 227: Why can't robots just speak slower?

On the show this week, we talk about super-intelligent computers, look at the week's most interesting news and wonder what was on the 17,000 memory sticks left in laundrettes last year.

By March 11, 2011


Plug versus Plug

We take a 100 per cent objective look at the plugs of the world, scientifically judging their attributes to decide which will come second to the mighty British plug. Oh, did we give it away?

By November 4, 2009


Where all your Valentine are belong to us

Today, we talk about Valentine Day's best and worst dates with ace reporter Caroline McCarthy. Also, Time Warner and Viacom are coming to Hulu, Spielberg's new video game Boom Blox, and EA's GameShow. We also hear from some our loyal listeners about Opti

By February 14, 2008