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'Clueless Gamer' Conan O'Brien gets fragged at a Korean PC bang

The late-night host learns firsthand about Korea's obsession with PC gaming during a special travel edition of his talk show.

By April 14, 2016


Go, speed gamer, go!

From CNET Magazine: Twitch fans love watching speedrunners blast through their favorite video games in record time.

By April 30, 2016


Gamer one-ups Super Mario Bros. speedrun record with amazing time

The new time for the quickest completion of the classic NES challenge comes very close to matching the record for a tool-assisted speedrun. Insert fireworks in the sky above the castle here.

By April 16, 2016


Work hard, play hard: Living the gamer dream in e-sport team houses

E-sport team houses are spreading around the world. But does packing half a dozen gamers under one roof translate into professional success?

By April 14, 2016


Plays.tv wants to be like Facebook for gamers. It's off to a good start

Since some gamers like to show off what they can do or learn by watching others, it makes sense someone started a social network for all things gaming.

By April 6, 2016


PlayStation employee goes above and beyond to help gamer with cerebral palsy

PlayStation marketing employee engineers solution to help gamer.

By April 4, 2016


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the phone gamers have been waiting for

Samsung's Galaxy S7 packs amazing gaming tools; here's how to use them.

By March 10, 2016


Xbox gamer struck in home as car blasts through wall

Technically Incorrect: A Texas man says he was saved by his special gaming chair when a car plowed into his apartment as he played Fallout 4.

By December 18, 2015


Kamcord lets gamers stream mobile games directly from their phones

Mobile streaming service Kamcord has launched a feature that lets you stream games directly from your phone without going through a PC.

By December 17, 2015


If Tony Stark designed an Xbox One, it might look like this

Check out this custom-made, limited edition Xbox One system that Microsoft made in partnership with Disney for "Captain America: Civil War."

By April 29, 2016