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Nintendo: Wii U will support dual gamepads

Nintendo announced at its E3 keynote today that its Wii U console will support two Gamepads, and not one as previously announced.

By Jun. 5, 2012


Valve Steam Controller has two trackpads, haptic feedback

Valve has lifted the lid on a new type of controller, with a touchscreen, trackpads, and buzzing feedback.

By Sep. 28, 2013


Friday Poll: Apple + Valve = What?

Speculation has been flying since Apple CEO Time Cook was reportedly spotted hanging out at Valve headquarters in Washington state. Was he just playing a few games of Portal? Or will a co-developed gaming gizmo result?

By Apr. 20, 2012


E3 2012: Five unanswered questions about Wii U

Nintendo shows off a huge number of Wii U games, but still leaves us in the dark on some basic details.

By Jun. 5, 2012


Android Ice Cream Sandwich supports USB controllers

It turns out your Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset will support USB gaming controllers, meaning it'll effectively become a mini console.

By Oct. 24, 2011


Nintendo Wii (original, Wii Sports bundle)

If you don't mind the dearth of HD graphics, the Nintendo Wii's combination of motion-sensitive controllers, included Wii Sports titles, and emphasis on fun gameplay make the ultra-affordable console hard to resist.

By Nov. 13, 2006

4 stars Editor's rating Nov. 13, 2006

Intel's Thunderbolt remains high-end rarity as Acer drops out

Windows computer maker Acer decides USB 3.0 is a better deal than Intel's high-speed communications technology. And despite notable newer fans, including Dell, HP, and Asus, Thunderbolt remains scarce.

By Jul. 15, 2013


Tim Cook spotted at Valve HQ, rumour mill implodes

Apple's CEO has been spotted at Valve's HQ the week the game-maker advertised for hardware specialists.

By Apr. 15, 2012


Apple CEO Tim Cook seen at Valve HQ, sending rumor mill spinning

The Apple head is rumored to have had a meeting at the gaming company, which recently posted a job opening for some hardware people. Hmm...

By Apr. 14, 2012


Gametel Android gamepad puts buttons on your blower

Gametel's wireless game controller fits most Android phones, and gives your phone the gift of physical gaming buttons.

By Nov. 18, 2011