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galaxy note 10.2 2014 edition


Which game console should you buy?

Let CNET help you decide which home video-game console is best for you.

By November 23, 2011


Samung Galaxy S hands-on

At CTIA 2010 CNET takes an in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy S.

By March 24, 2010


Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S headed to U.S. this summer

at CTIA 2010, Samsung unveils the Galaxy S, a new Google Android smartphone headed for the U.S. market.

By March 23, 2010


MacBook or iMac for editing home movies?

In an effort to answer as many reader queries as possible, we turn to CNET Labs' Julie Rivera, who will tackle some of the best laptop and portable computing questions in this public forum.

By April 23, 2010


Get two Dell Mini 10v Netbooks for $398

These are new units, not refurbs, though they do have Windows XP, not Windows 7. If you can live with that, you're not likely to find a better price on a two-fer!

By March 9, 2010


On Call: About that Interphone study

On Call addresses the recent Interphone study on cell phone radiation. Also, will the Samsung Galaxy S come to America, and can I get a cell phone with two numbers?

By June 3, 2010


Leaked Samsung i897 shows AT&T getting serious about Android

It has been a busy week for AT&T in terms of Android. Already rumored to be announcing a new phone from HTC next month, the carrier appears to be readying a high-end Samsung handset.

By June 1, 2010


Steve Jobs introduces iPhone 4 at WWDC (live blog)

CNET is covering the keynote at the Apple developer confab live on Monday, where Jobs has just announced details of the next version of the iPhone.

By June 7, 2010


Andy Rubin expects Android releases to slow down

Android founder and Google VP Andy Rubin foresees Android releases slowing down to about one per year.

By June 1, 2010


Gadgettes 185: The Keeping Our Lids on Tight Episode (podcast)

After years and years of failed coffee mugs, we decide to air out the dirt on the ones that suck... and possibly even cover a few things that could be considered "technology" too.

By May 27, 2010