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New Galapagos giant tortoise crawls into science spotlight

Researchers are surprised to discover a group of giant tortoises on a Galapagos island are a completely separate species.

By October 22, 2015


See the brainless 'purple sock' worm scientists found under the sea

The sea floor is a wonderland, and scientists have discovered some new species of worm-like critters that look like discarded laundry items and churros.

By February 4, 2016


Newly discovered 'monster' spider isn't as horrifying as it sounds

There's a beast of a spider roaming the Oregon woods, but let's try to keep the fear factor in perspective.

By February 3, 2016


Jeff Bezos rescued in Galapagos by Ecuadorian Navy

The Amazon founder is airlifted out of the Galapagos Islands for emergency treatment of a kidney stone issue, according to local media.

By January 4, 2014


No pavement on the Galapagos? No problem for Google Street View

Getting to the Galapagos Islands isn't cheap, so Google brings the unique flora and fauna there to you thanks to a visit from Street View Trekker.

By September 12, 2013


Google Street View comes to the Galapagos

To celebrate the anniversary of naturalist Charles Darwin arriving on the Galapagos Islands, Google has added the famous ecosystem to Street View.

6 Images By September 12, 2013


Meerkats and otters and tortoises, oh my!

London Zoo is live streaming its meerkats, otters and Galapagos tortoises as a test of a new wireless technology known as white space.

By October 13, 2014


CES: Sharp Galapagos coming to America in 2011

Sharp is bringing its Galapagos tablet to the U.S. in 2011--but the American version may bear little resemblance to its Japanese predecessor.

By January 6, 2011


Sharp Galapagos tablet hits FCC

Sharp's 10.8-inch Galapagos tablet pays a visit to the FCC, but its limited capabilities make it tough to get excited about heading into CES.

By January 3, 2011


Sharp Galapagos tablet hits FCC (photos)

Take a closer look at images submitted to the FCC for the upcoming Sharp Galapagos 10.8-inch tablet/e-reader.

9 Images By January 3, 2011