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iPhone 3G: $100 to make, $325 subsidy -- really?

iPhone 3G: $100 to make, $325 subsidy -- really?

By June 19, 2008


Acer intros updated, small desktop

Acer announces the Aspire X1700 small form factor PC

By January 20, 2009


Flyvo does WiMax for gaming

The Flyvo G100 has a 4-inch touch screen and sits on the Windows CE Professional 5.0 platform.

By June 17, 2008


Dell makes Good on wireless messaging

The computer giant and Good Technology expand their alliance by selling software and hardware that enables businesses to wirelessly access data.

By November 18, 2003


Good reaches out to more devices

Good Technology releases new messaging software and adds partners as it looks to attract more enterprise customers by broadening the device and network compatibility of its software.

By July 13, 2003


Good Technology to buy software maker

Wireless start-up Good Technology is set to announce that it will acquire wireless software developer Neomar.

By May 12, 2003


Dell, Good ally on business handhelds

Start-up Good Technology and the PC leader shake hands on a pact to collaborate on corporate sales and, down the line, to codevelop a handheld device that will bear Dell's brand.

By April 29, 2003


Report: Good nabs some RIM customers

Handheld-software maker Good Technology is gaining some ground on rival Research In Motion by winning RIM subscribers over to its service, a research note says.

By January 17, 2003


Handheld software gets business makeover

Good Technology is set to announce new versions of its handheld software and additional customers as the start-up continues to target large businesses.

By October 6, 2002


Good, Microsoft form handheld alliance

Start-up Good Technology is working with the software behemoth to make Good's e-mail software for handhelds compatible with Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 operating system.

By October 4, 2002