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G-Form Xtreme iPhone 5 case

The company has released its iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 cases and unveils new cases for the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.

By January 3, 2013


G-Form Extreme Sleeve 13-inch laptop case

Trusting the life of your laptop to a rubberized sleeve is serious commitment, but the high-tech materials behind the Extreme Sleeve will at least make your MacBook checked-luggage-friendly.

By August 9, 2011

4 stars Editors' rating August 9, 2011

MSRP: $69.95


iPad in G-Form case drops 1,300 feet and survives

If you've been looking for the toughest case for your iPad, G-Form is making one that may just be at the top of the pile.

By November 15, 2011


iPhone records 1,000-foot free-fall, survives

Another hard-core drop test impresses, or at least gets adrenaline junkies to pay attention.

By August 10, 2012


New iPad, elder iPad 2 face off in deathly drop test

Apple's past and present iPads duel in some teeth-gritting feats of strength captured on video.

By March 20, 2012


Is this the most drop-proof iPhone case ever?

G-Form, maker of extremely tough iPad and laptop sleeves, has finally unveiled an iPhone case.

By January 5, 2012


iPhone turned hockey puck survives 82 mph slapshot

Could new iPhone case enable new rash of recreational smartphone abuse?

By February 8, 2012


We drop a bowling ball on an iPad

The 404 gang tests out the outrageous claims that the G-Form Extreme Sleeves can protect your gadgets from a fall from space, or even the smash of a bowling ball.

By January 12, 2012


The iPad case that fell from space tested in video

We subject the case that helped an iPad survive a 100,000-foot fall to our own extreme tests in this video.

By January 16, 2012


Lesson from a cracked Galaxy Nexus: Get a phone case

The rich colors of my flagship Android phone are now viewed through a spiderweb of cracks. Should ruggedness be a feature, not an accessory?

By January 6, 2012