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Barnes & Noble's e-readers reach new high

David Carnoy talks with Jamie Iannone about the future of Barnes & Noble's digital products.

By January 19, 2011


Back to the Future Day

It's here! We made it! Soon we can expect the DeLorean to appear!


What's missing from the Kindle and Nook? Support for printed books

The future of e-reading is great...unless you want it to seamlessly marry with your nondigital books. That has to change, and fast.

By November 7, 2011


Borders survey presumes future 'iPad' e-reader

Question in book seller's survey asks customers about digital reading devices and whether they plan to buy one of Apple's "iPad" large screen devices. Hmmm.

By August 15, 2009


Ask Maggie: On the future of Nokia's N8, feature phones, and real keyboards

In this week's column, I get out my crystal ball and make some predictions as I try to help readers figure out which smartphones to buy this year.

By February 25, 2011


Ask Maggie: On 4G future-proofing and buying prepaid traveler plans

This week's tech advice column helps readers with questions about whether 3G phones of today will work on 4G networks of tomorrow, among other burning topics.

By October 22, 2010


Is your phone the wallet of the future?

Smartphones are central to several companies' plans to make payments--either through mobile credit-card readers or by using the phone in place of a credit card.

By August 25, 2010


Ask Maggie: Net neutrality, Verizon iPhones on Sprint, and more

Maggie lets readers know how the FCC's new Net neutrality rules will affect consumers and whether a future Verizon iPhone will be usable on Sprint.

By December 24, 2010


TomTom Go Live 1000: Multi-touch super sat-nav

TomTom's built a "super sat-nav" that it believes is "the future of driving". Say hello, directionally-challenged readers, to the Go Live 1000.

By September 3, 2010


Reader comments and commentary

Many times people will read our articles and write in with tips, comments, and suggestions for their approach or solution to the issue at hand, some of which are quite practical approaches that should work for others. We welcome these comments, and hope to include them in future similar articles such as this and our MacFixIt Answers column, to bring you some points in our discussions that our readers might find useful.

By June 1, 2010


Microsoft's Bill Buxton on design

In an interview with CNET, Microsoft researcher Bill Buxton talks about the dawn of better e-readers, the future of design and other topics.

By March 16, 2010