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Job board for furloughed workers springs up online

Unfurlough.US was built in just 5 hours, and went live Thursday to help workers caught in the political crossfire of the government shutdown find some freelance gigs.

By October 4, 2013


Shutdown will largely shutter NASA, other science projects

Furloughs are expected to impact several federal science programs, but essential services related to nation's safety and defense will be unaffected.

By September 30, 2013


Short Take: Open Market furloughs 65

E-commerce software vendor Open Market has laid off 65 of its 480 employees, fewer than the 100 that the company had anticipated last week. The layoffs come after the company's weak third-quarter earnings report. The company also indicated it will unveil new publishing software next month.

By October 30, 1998


Nat Semi orders staff furloughs

National Semiconductor will briefly idle all of its 13,000 workers for ten days this fall in an ongoing struggle with demand.

By July 30, 1998


Packard Bell furloughs workers

A total of 600 workers will be "furloughed" without pay for a week at Packard Bell NEC to minimize the impact of declining sales, sources said.

By April 24, 1998