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Nationwide's boy is in heaven, makes them miserable there too

Technically Incorrect: Funny Or Die decides to extend the story of the controversial Nationwide Super Bowl ad featuring a boy who is deceased. He's not welcome beyond the pearly gates.

By February 4, 2015


Creationists get their 'Cosmos' (It's quite short)

In order to assuage the creationist protesters who complain that Neil DeGrasse Tyson's series doesn't allow for a God-centric explanation, Funny Or Die creates a creationist version. It lasts mere minutes.

By April 15, 2014


Doc Brown finally admits Funny or Die hoverboard video is fake

In an apology titled, "Funny Or Die is Sorry for Lying about Hoverboards," actor Christopher Lloyd owns up to the ruse that went on a day too long.

By March 5, 2014


How to watch YouTube videos on Roku

Stop waiting for Roku to launch an official YouTube channel and use a workaround to start streaming YouTube videos on your TV today.

By March 25, 2013


14 celeb-powered start-ups: Where are they now?

Celebrities are often savvy businesspeople, but stepping into the start-up world does not always work out.

By September 25, 2008


Early standouts from AlwaysOn Stanford

More than 30 companies are pitching their stuff this morning. We look at two of our favorites from the bunch.

By July 23, 2008


Atom Films relaunched as Comedy Central sister site

Short-form comedy, from sketch to animation to prank videos, is the name of the game at the new Atom.com, touted as "jukebox-style, proudly low-budget, (and) super-late-night."

By June 26, 2008


What's in the future for Funny or Die?

CEO of the comedy video site says a new deal with HBO is only the beginning for the year-old project.

By June 12, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 743: Fablessly 'splensive pigeons

Today's show is a bit of a tongue-twister. Really, the entire show. We just can't get the words out. And in other news, the whole Internet hates Metallica. Again.

By June 11, 2008


Southern Cal gets its due at Twiistup 2

Companies at Twiistup 2 included JibJab, Fafarazzi, CampusBug, CrowdRules, and ElephantDrive, among others.

By August 9, 2007