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The great new art trend: Selfies at funerals

Humanity knows no bounds to its imagination. There is now a Tumblr feed curating selfies taken at homages to the departed.

By October 30, 2013


New York -- home of smartphone shopping during funerals

A survey probing when people in different cities use their smartphones to shop reveals results that some might find deadening.

By October 9, 2013


Thatcher funeral draws iPlayer's second-biggest live crowd

The funeral of Margaret Thatcher was the second most-watched live TV programme ever on BBC iPlayer.

By May 28, 2013


Anonymous squashes Westboro plan to picket Aaron Swartz funeral

The infamous "church" failed to carry through on its protest of the funeral yesterday following a call to action by Anonymous.

By January 16, 2013


Microsoft stages tacky 'funeral' of iPhone and BlackBerry

Microsoft employees in Redmond celebrate the release to manufacturers of Windows Phone 7 by putting on a mock funeral of the iPhone and BlackBerry, including a Thriller dance.

By September 13, 2010


Funerals streamed online by webcams at Stafford crematorium

Too busy to attend a funeral? Stafford crematorium plans to stream live footage of funerals on the Internet.

By December 12, 2011


Steve Jobs funeral will reportedly be held today

A private funeral for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is being held today, according to a new report. Jobs passed away earlier this week.

By October 7, 2011


Church leader tweets picket of Jobs' funeral--via iPhone

A leader of the Westboro Baptist Church believes that Steve Jobs "gave no glory to God and taught sin." However, she tweets her call for a picket of Jobs' funeral on her iPhone.

By October 6, 2011


Microsoft's funeral for the iPhone (photos)

A ship party for Windows Phone 7 includes a mock funeral for the iPhone and BlackBerry, among other antics.

6 Images By September 10, 2010


Plans for the V-8's funeral may be premature

Automotive News reports on new, efficient V-8s in the pipeline.

By June 17, 2010