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Three TV improvements more worthwhile than Ultra HD 4K

4K Ultra HD is four times the resolution of 1080p. Here are three improvements far more worthwhile.

By October 30, 2012


Google Nexus S available to pre-order from Carphone Warehouse

Google's next-gen smart phone can now be pre-ordered from Carphone, with the mobile retailer promising if you order now you can have it delivered by the end of December...

By December 13, 2010


Is Facebook down? Facebook fail causes Internet flail

Facebook is facing a technical glitch that means the site is slow or unreachable for users around the world, but says it's working on the problem

By August 31, 2010


Oops: 'FML' meme now plastered on NY subway

A service merger means that a Manhattan station now bears the acronym of one of the Web's best-known profanities for expressing frustration.

By June 13, 2010


Facebook fights new Koobface worm, another rogue app

Yet another rogue app spreads on Facebook, as does new variant of Koobface worm that tricks users by including the name and photo of an intended victim's Facebook friend.

By March 2, 2009


Smashing pumpkins in the Great Northwest

DIY cannons, catapults and slingshots abound in Portland, Ore.

By October 23, 2007


Destroying things wantonly can be great

A promotion for the blog Toolmonger.com gives an audience a chance to watch a shack get hacked to pieces.

By October 20, 2007


Odds and Ends: Duplicating a CD or DVD that fails to mount on new G5s

Odds and Ends: Duplicating a CD or DVD that fails to mount on new G5s

By October 5, 2004