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Bosch NoFrost Refrigerators

Bosch showed off a new fridge lineup at IFA with extra capacity and advanced temperature controls designed to keep your food fresher for longer.

By September 2, 2015

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Taco Bell's latest: Deep-fried Cap'n Crunch stuffed with frosting

Got a morning sweet teeth and a resistance to cavities? Taco Bell is testing stuffed doughnut holes made of Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries cereal.

By February 27, 2015


It's a 'Star Wars' snack! Admiral Ackbar cupcakes aren't a trap

Food blogger JustJenn creates a new tasty tribute to the "Star Wars" character most known for his anxious warning of impending doom...this time covered in frosting.

By March 13, 2014


Google's holiday Easter Egg frosts your screen

A search for "Let it Snow" delivers the pow-pow and more...

By December 17, 2011


Pellet grill helps us shake off the frost

The Memphis Wood Pellet Grill uses a temperature control system to precisely monitor cooking times. Automatically adding fuel to the fire when needed, the grill makes it easy to cook in a traditionally unpredictable environment.

By March 1, 2011


Samsung 9000-series 3D TV: Star-studded reception with Nick Frost

Last night, the stars came out in force to join Samsung in a celebration of all things 3D. Crave was on hand to bring you all the glitz, glamour and ultra-thin-TV goodness

7 Images By April 28, 2010


The 404 422: Where Rana Sobhany is the frosting on The 404 cupcake

Who cares about Apple's little iPod refresh yesterday--it's Rana Sobhany's birthday!! We were already excited to have Rana on the show today, but we had no idea that she'd be bringing treats. Turns out that Ms. Sobhany has been indulging her foodie side recently and baked us CUPCAKES to celebrate! Since we always strive to be perfect gentlemen on the show, we don't pry too much into how many birthdays she's celebrated so far, so I think it's safe to assume that Rana has spent a cool 19 years on this Earth.

By September 10, 2009


The 404 422: Where Rana Sobhany is the frosting on The 404 cupcake

Rana Sobhany from Medialets comes on today's show to celebrate her birthday! Join us for cupcakes and the smallest rave ever to be broadcasted on the Internet.

By September 10, 2009


Manage your frostings

Decorating cakes and cookies can be fun, but the process can be easier with the Decorating Bag Holder.

By August 27, 2009


The sweetest writing

With the Kuhn Rikon Frosting Decorating Pen, decorating baked goods is as easy as picking up a pen.

By May 13, 2010