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Hands-on with the Triby fridge-friendly family hub

Speakerphone, radio and message center all in one oversize refrigerator magnet. But is Triby worth the price?

By November 9, 2015


Triby, the fridge friendly family phone

This magnetic speakerphone for your fridge includes an e-ink messaging display, radio, and a hefty one month battery life.

By January 4, 2015


Disable banner ads in Skype for Windows

When you're talking with friends, family, or coworkers, the last thing you want to be annoyed by is an advertisement.

By April 17, 2015


Apple patent envisions tracking people in real time

A newly granted patent would let you view friends, family and even pets from your mobile device as they move through their day.

By March 24, 2015


Use Meet Me Halfway for Android to find a meetup spot

Use this handy Android app to find places at the halfway point, making travel time nearly equal for both people. It's great for finding a meetup spot with friends, family, or classmates.

By February 21, 2014


Beluvv Puppy tracker crowdsources lost dogs

The affordable Puppy Bluetooth pet tracker uses your friends, family, and neighbors' smartphones to locate your lost dog.

By January 14, 2014


A new social way to organize contacts

If you're searching for a better way to keep track of your friends, family, and other various contacts in life, we've got the iPhone app for you.

August 23, 2013


Gmail's task list can now be e-mailed

Gmail's task list can now be sent to friends, family, or contacts via e-mail. Previously your task list was stuck inside of Gmail, or other Google properties.

By August 21, 2009


Connect to friends & family via webcam

Connect to friends & family via webcam.

March 19, 2009


Verizon's 'Friends & Family' plan offers less for more

Verizon Friends & Family plan can't compete with Alltel's My Circle in either pricing or benefits.

By February 12, 2009