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Facebook still pitching itself to open-source crowd

Facebook's rep at the Future of Web Apps event in Miami this week was David Recordon, the company's open-standards guru. That's a crowd that the social network still has yet to win over.

By February 23, 2010


Google Friend Connect adds profiles, ads

Web site publishers that use Google Friend Connect to add social-networking features to their sites can now allow users to set up profiles and serve targeted ads based on those profiles.

By November 4, 2009


Google adds translation to Docs

Want to translate something you've written, or something that's been shared with you on Google's Docs and Spreadsheets service? Now you can.

By August 27, 2009


Google Friend Connect gets comment translation

The service can now translate user comments, no matter what language you're in. It can even take multiple comments in several languages and unify them.

By May 7, 2009


Google Friend Connect gets a handy toolbar

Site owners get a new option, a "social bar" that lets users keep an eye on what others are doing.

By February 11, 2009


Google's turn: Friend Connect is live, too

Battle of the online identities gets hot. Now anyone can use Google's platform, too.

By December 4, 2008


Facebook Connect officially open

And it's poised to win the ID portability, not just because so many people have a Facebook account but because of publicity that site owners will get in return.

By December 4, 2008


Facebook's portal for the masses

Facebook wants to be the center of its members' lives in the same way that MyYahoo became the home base for millions of users over the last decade.

By July 24, 2008


Wetpaint Injected brings user content to old-fashioned Web sites

Wiki services content makes readers into writers.

By May 18, 2008


Google Friend Connect: The movie

Google's Campfire One event Monday features the debut of Friend Connect, code that will sprinkle social features on any Web site.

By May 12, 2008