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Philips says it wants to appeal to women with its new product line

Freud asked, "What do women want?" Philips replied, "USB drives."

By January 6, 2008


Smart glasses for the blind and mosquito tracker compete for Google backing

Ten contenders enter the Google Impact Challenge, proposing new technology that will help people around the world.

By July 31, 2014


Amazon Publishing to issue bios of Jesus, Hitchcock, other 'icons'

Amazon's publishing arm will publish short bios of "icons" who exhibit varying degrees of goodness, such as Jesus, Josef Stalin, J.D. Salinger, and David Lynch -- but no Jeff Bezos.

By August 15, 2013


Get 1 million Facebook 'Likes' for sex -- and a puppy

In one story, a girl tells a boy she will sleep with him if he gets 1 million Facebook Likes. In another, a dad tells his kids he will get them a puppy for the same "achievement." Is the world demented?

By January 18, 2013


Gustav Klimt's birthday celebrated with Google doodle

The Austrian painter famed for his erotic gold leaf works gets his own doodle.

By July 14, 2012


Twit Relief gathering pace as celebs promise 'superfollows' for charity

Fancy breakfast with Christian O'Connell? A botox outing with Ruby Wax? Bagging Alexa Chung's, er, bag? You'll be wanting to place a bid for Twit Relief then.

By March 16, 2011


A Facebook dilemma: When your shrink tries to friend you

By signing up for Facebook, you reveal at least some of yourself to people you know and, sometimes, people you don't. What happens when your psychologist is free to observe too.

By March 9, 2009


By a nose, it's the woman over the gadgets

Crave asked its readers if they had to choose, which would it be? Just a little over half said the woman, but those gadgets sure are pretty.

By August 12, 2008


'WTF?!' parodies 'World of Warcraft'

The free role-playing game is a spot-on take-off, albeit a very small one, of the massively popular 'World of Warcraft.' Welcome to Azimuth.

By June 1, 2008