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FCC plans for smartphones to share military wireless frequency

The government agency looks to open up the airwaves by allowing for civilians to hop on spectrum currently reserved for the Defense Department.

By March 24, 2014


Correction: Frequency range in Qualcomm electrical wire story

This story incorrectly stated the frequency range of HomePlug AV2.

By October 24, 2013


Australian wireless microphone frequencies become illegal in 2015

The use of many wireless microphones and transmitters in Australia will be illegal from the start of 2015 thanks to a change in the frequency range.

By September 22, 2013


Watch audio frequencies visualized in sand

When a plate sprinkled with sand vibrates at certain audio frequencies, it creates beautiful, intricate patterns.

By June 7, 2013


AT&T cuts frequency on cell towers that jammed police radios

The Oakland, Calif., cell-phone towers were found to be interfering with officers' ability to communicate with each other and with their dispatcher.

By August 21, 2012


How to adjust the frequency of Facebook alert e-mails

Did you receive an e-mail from Facebook telling you to start expecting less e-mail from Facebook? If you prefer to keep your e-mail alerts just the way they are, follow this guide to turn the new feature off.

By September 14, 2011


Study: Smart meter radio frequency emissions low

With more safety concerns around smart meters, a study measures the radio frequency emissions of one meter and finds them well below FCC standards.

By February 22, 2011


Hailing frequencies open: VoIP Star Trek communicator engages nerd cred

Command your own fleet of nerds with this replica of the original Star Trek communicator, and guess what? It also happens to double as a VOIP phone, meaning you can use it to actually talk to another human being.

By May 6, 2009


TuneIn radio service gets social with relaunch

TuneIn switches frequencies from being a radio-stream directory to more of a radio-related social network. Early use suggests it's a hit.

By May 12, 2014


iPhone 3G: What's the frequency?

Please help us determine whether there are any patterns connected to the reception issues experienced by some iPhone 3G owners on AT&T's network.

By August 11, 2008