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4 things you should know about Freightliner's self-driving truck

The self-driving truck has debuted, becoming the first of its kind to receive an autonomous license for use on public roads.

By May 9, 2015

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Freightliner is the commercial truck division of Daimler AG, which also owns luxury marquee Mercedes-Benz. The automaker recently attracted attention unveiling its autonomous Inspiration Truck - the first semi-trailer truck to be licensed for testing in the U.S. - in Las Vegas, NV.


Freightliner Inspiration autonomous commercial truck (pictures)

Unveiled today in Las Vegas, this big-rig features a Highway Pilot system that lets it drive itself during long highway hauls.

13 Images By May 6, 2015


Self-driving Freightliner Inspiration rolls out on public roads in Nevada

The first autonomous heavy-duty truck gets its license to drive in Las Vegas.

By May 6, 2015