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EmoSpark AI console just wants you to be happy

An Indiegogo campaign aims to raise $100,000 to produce an artificial-intelligence machine dedicated to improving humans' happiness (and helping them around the house).

By January 7, 2014


Microsoft's Bing seeks enlightenment with Satori

"We are not shipping until we have something more revolutionary than evolutionary," says Bing's Stefan Weitz about a personal assistant feature.

By July 30, 2013


Graph Search augurs Age of Enlightenment for Facebook

The newly unveiled, and still very beta, Graph Search marks the start of the next major phase in Facebook's history, and a path to Google-like revenue.

By January 17, 2013


Google's Knowledge Graph: has search just changed forever?

Late last week, Google representatives unveiled a significant enhancement to the company's ubiquitous search engine. They're calling it the "Knowledge Graph", claiming it will support "more intelligent searching for real-world things on the internet".

By May 20, 2012


Google bringing new smarts to search with Knowledge Graph

Search giant builds a 500-million-item database of people, places, and things. Its content will be appearing in your search results starting today.

By May 16, 2012


Uncram launches quickie publishing for social network users

Feeling hemmed in on Twitter or Facebook? Uncram lets you create topic pages fast and share them easily.

By September 1, 2011


Google buys Metaweb and its sprawling database

Metaweb maintains a vast database that records properties and relationships for all sorts of entities--and now Google bought the start-up.

By July 16, 2010


Stirr wrap-up: Yes, Freebase really is that cool

Start-ups from Stirr: MetaWeb, Criteo, Wrike, and Buxfer.

By March 29, 2007


Google spotlights news timeline, labs work

Innovation is alive and well at the search giant, Google took pains to point out Monday by showing off a timeline and other new Google Labs work.

By April 20, 2009


Microsoft Live Labs launches political meme tracker

The software maker's Political Streams platform offers a new way to keep an eye on election news. An interesting feature: it keeps track of mentioned names and places in each story.

By October 9, 2008