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Archbishop Desmond Tutu a fan of free music

Nobel Prize winner has become a spokesman for SOS Records, a new free-music label that plans to let users decide which acts it signs.

By May 6, 2008


Tidal vs. Spotify: My four weeks with Jay Z's streaming service

I gave Tidal a spin to see if its musician-centric business model could replace my Spotify subscription.

By May 6, 2015


Cadenza: You play, and a full orchestra plays with you

Dream of playing along with world-class symphonies? Now, a Harvard-backed app heads to your mobile device to give you instant portable orchestral backup that adjusts to your playing in real time.

By March 18, 2014


The future of music, according to Spotify's Daniel Ek

Your home's tunes controlled by a wave of the hand or a voice command? It could happen, and the big-thinking Swede believes his music service could be the soundtrack to that very plugged-in vision.

By April 9, 2013


DRM-free threats bounce off iTunes' chest

With all the alleged hatred of DRM, how come more people aren't rejecting iTunes' DRM-laden music? Probably cause there's nothing better available.

By June 30, 2008


RIAA: DRM not dead and likely will make comeback

David Hughes of the RIAA tells conference audience that subscription services will usher in a new DRM era.

By May 8, 2008


Amazon to distribute deleted EMI, Sony albums on-demand

Amazon.com has signed a deal with Sony BMG and EMI to distribute out-of-print CDs from the likes of Cake and Joe Strummer, and will print the discs on-demand as customers order them

By May 6, 2008


iTunes Plus: Legal music downloads with not a drop of DRM

After years of waiting, Apple and EMI teamed up and finally told us we were going to get DRM-free legal downloads. Finally, the time has come -- EMI's entire music catalogue is available, DRM-free, on iTunes

By May 31, 2007


EMI, Apple partner on DRM-free premium music

Music label confirms that it will sell higher-quality, copy protection-free digital music through iTunes Store. Photos: Apple's DRM-free duet with EMI

By April 2, 2007


Fans rush to Napster ahead of court ruling

Spurred by news that an appeals court will finally rule on the future of Napster, music lovers are flocking to the music-swapping service.

By February 9, 2001