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Kansas City dyes frozen fountain: Looks like someone's dying

To celebrate its Chiefs appearing in the NFL playoffs on Saturday, Kansas City Parks and Recreation doesn't quite heed the call of science on a cold day.

By January 3, 2014


Need a stocking stuffer? How about a $9,500 fountain pen?

The Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2014 takes handwriting to the extreme with gold, jasper, and quartz.

By December 5, 2013


Interview with the man behind Nintendo TVii, Zach Fountain

Jeff Bakalar goes one-on-one with Nintendo of America Director Zach Fountain on some of the technical specifics surrounding the Wii U's Nintendo TVii feature.

By September 13, 2012


Osaka Station fountain displays time, art in water

A nifty new fountain in Osaka redefines the ancient concept of the water clock.

By May 9, 2011


Texting girl falls into fountain, Microsoft smiles?

Recent security footage from a mall in Reading, Pa., shows a girl so busy texting that she tumbles straight into the mall fountain. A symbol of our times? Perfect companion for the Windows Phone campaign?

By January 18, 2011


Biologists switch on gene, extend flies' lives 30 percent

UCLA biologists may have just found a "fountain of youth" gene. In fruit flies, at least.

By September 11, 2014


Dive into your own chocolate fountain

The Select Home Chocolate Fondue Fountain is perfect for parties and get-togethers--or just a stand-in until you get the chocolate fountain of your dreams.

By October 5, 2009


'Baby Quasar': An electronic Fountain of Youth?

Some supposedly swear by it.

By January 24, 2008


A mint version of the Bellagio Fountains

Stephen Voltz, co-producer of "The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments", talks with CNET News.com's Michelle Meyers about how he and a friend created and choreographed a version of Las Vegas' Bellagio Fountains with only 101 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke and 523 Mentos.

November 1, 2007


Mentos fountain fanatics find a home

Oliver Luckett, co-founder of video site Revver, talks with CNET's Neha Tiwari at the Digital Hollywood: Building Blocks 2006 conference in San Jose, Calif. Luckett talks about how he stumbled upon the famed Mentos video, the future of Revver, and how money is made in the user-generated content business.

November 1, 2007