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A Talon for land mines and heavy debris

Latest robot from Foster-Miller might provide more robust aid for those looking to clean up the dangerous litter of war.

By December 10, 2008


Fresh Jawbone apps tackle the science of sounder sleep

New Up Coffee and Up 3.1 activity tracking apps from Jawbone are designed to make restful sleep a priority.

By March 6, 2014


Samsung: Galaxy Tab injunction 'flawed'

In a new court hearing in Australia, Samsung decries the "black mark" that led to a judge's ruling in a patent case launched by iPad maker Apple.

By October 27, 2011


Leap Fund offers $25 million for Leap Motion developers

Highland Capital Partners, which led Leap Motion's Series A round, wants to boost the ecosystem for apps built for the Leap 3D gesture-control system, which ships next month.

By June 20, 2013


3,000 robots, coming right up

The Pentagon yanks a $286 million deal from upstart Robotic FX and hands it over to longtime supplier iRobot.

By December 18, 2007


In Iraq, MASH units for robots

The Army's Joint Robotics Repair Facility in Baghdad is an "all-volunteer workshop" where the goal is quick turnaround.

By June 6, 2007


'Transformer' gun-bot hits showroom floor

SWORDS robot maker releases new, heavy-duty "Transformer model."

By October 11, 2007


Android users outraged over Motorola's broken promise

Company concedes some customers got "a raw deal" in decision not to upgrade 2011 flagship devices to Ice Cream Sandwich.

By October 5, 2012


Robots to the rescue

Battle tested robots capable of multiple functions.

By April 3, 2007


Gun-toting robots on patrol

The Talon has proved its mettle as a bomb-disposal bot. Now the 3rd Infantry Division is taking it to the streets of Iraq with a machine gun attached.

By September 12, 2007