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US senators push forward on encryption bill. Cue warnings we'll all be hacked

Lawmakers say it will help prevent terror attacks and other crimes. But cybersecurity experts warn it will make us all more vulnerable to hacking.

By April 13, 2016


Six phones we're looking forward to this spring

Here are the top handsets we can't help but get excited for this season.

8 Images By March 16, 2016


What we're looking forward to this spring in appliances and smart home (pictures)

Some big smart home and appliance products are due to hit the market in the second quarter this year. Here are the highlights.

7 Images By March 16, 2016


Spring 2016 cameras to look forward to

New year, new gear. These are the early 2016 models we give a shot about.

20 Images By February 26, 2016


'Pacific Rim 2' moves forward with 'Daredevil' writer in the cockpit

Guillermo del Toro reveals on Twitter that Steven S. DeKnight, executive producer and lead writer on Netflix's popular "Daredevil" series, will direct the monsters vs. mecha sequel.

By February 24, 2016


Wearable robots for the paralyzed take a step forward

A next-gen exoskeleton, now on sale, highlights how the latest robots are merging science fiction with reality.

By February 2, 2016


Elon Musk, other green investors want Volkswagen to pay it forward

Instead of focusing on fixing the past, this coalition is asking the California Air Resources Board to force VW to take a walk down to Electric Avenue and speed up future tech developments.

By December 18, 2015


Batch forward emails with Multi Forward for Gmail

Need to forward a bunch of emails? This Chrome extension lets you perform such a maneuver with ease and alacrity.

By July 31, 2015


Rainbow Six Siege beta progress won't carry forward

Plus, Ubisoft confirms people who were in the closed beta will get to play 24 hours early.

By November 18, 2015


How Microsoft will report Xbox numbers going forward

Microsoft will focus more on Xbox Live usership figures instead of console shipment numbers.

By October 22, 2015