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Theft of 44K credit cards is tip of the iceberg, police say

A well-known international hacker was caught on the lam in Romania and brought to U.S. federal court for allegedly stealing 44,000 credit card numbers.

By June 11, 2012


Microsoft beefs up NT security

Microsoft will boost security for Windows NT by supporting FIPS 140-1 and Fortezza, two key crypto standards for federal government users.

August 31, 1998


Communicator buddies with AOL

Netscape's Communicator 4.04, an update to its client software bundle, will let users communicate directly with designated AOL buddies.

November 6, 1997


Pentagon, Netscape do deal

If you're in the Army now, you'll likely be using Netscape's Internet software soon.

October 8, 1997


WebTV adds crypto for transactions

WebTV aims to become the first Internet appliance maker to offer secure transactions by inking a deal with Terisa Systems.

June 6, 1997