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Porous nanotube 'forests' catch cancer cells

A microfluidic device with porous nanotube forests can catch tumor cells and viruses, and could be used in developing countries.

By Mar. 28, 2011


Deastro, 'The Shaded Forests': Free MP3 of the Day

Download a free MP3 of "The Shaded Forests" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By Dec. 19, 2008


WSJ: Papua looking to save forests for carbon credits

Carbon credits on Indonesia's wild eastern frontier

By Aug. 10, 2007


Digital pen does its part to save forests

It records hand motions and reproduces writing through USB receiver.

By Aug. 9, 2007


To shush unruly class, teacher threatens 'Game of Thrones' spoilers

A Belgian teacher who actually reads (including the books the series is based on) decides he has one weapon against his video-only class: spoilers of who dies.

By Mar. 25, 2014


Newly discovered olinguito is 'mix of house cat and a teddy bear'

After a decade of research, Smithsonian scientists reveal the newest species in the order Carnivora. A new mammal in the 21st century? Go figure.

By Aug. 15, 2013


High-tech views of the massive Yosemite Rim Fire

Since the fire first sparked less than two weeks ago, it has grown into one of the largest in California history. New technology by Esri lets onlookers see the flames' path of destruction in real time.

By Aug. 27, 2013


Mapping agency builds all of Great Britain in Minecraft

British governmental mapping company Ordnance Survey has re-created the entirety of Great Britain in Minecraft using real-world data.

By Sep. 27, 2013