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Syrian Electronic Army hacks Forbes, steals user data

The hacking group says it attacked Forbes because the publication's "hate for Syria is very clear and flagrant in their articles."

By February 14, 2014


Surface Pro as a gaming rig? It's ready and able

The laptop-class hardware inside the Surface Pro makes it a formidable gaming platform -- for a tablet.

By February 12, 2013


How to prevent phone and tablet theft

Minimize the chances of becoming the latest victim of personal-electronics thieves by keeping a low profile and being ready to remotely erase your private data.

By September 11, 2012


Facebook's swooning stock: Pity Sean Parker, other gajillionaires

A bunch of big Facebook insiders were counting on being able to dump more shares at the IPO price of $38. As if.

By May 22, 2012


It's a Facebook backlash. Wow, that was quick!

commentary GM cancels an ad campaign, a national opinion poll is vaguely negative, and a co-founder swears off America to avoid taxes right before the long-awaited IPO. Welcome to Facebook's crazy week.

By May 16, 2012


Facebook adds Web site 'Subscribe' button

New social plugin is essentially a "Follow" button, helping another way for Web sites to attract and connect with users.

By December 8, 2011


Blogger Bob--TSA's Internet mouthpiece (Q&A)

The U.S. government's most prominent and controversial spokesblogger answers questions from CNET about defending the Transportation Security Administration on the Internet.

By May 18, 2011


As death toll mounts, nuclear scare widens evacuation

As many as 1,700 people are so far confirmed dead, with another 10,000 missing; meanwhile, Japan braces for a possible second explosion after what are presumed to be two partial meltdowns.

By March 12, 2011


Egypt's Internet still offline, a day later

In a stunning development unprecedented in the modern history of the Internet, a country of more than 80 million people finds itself almost entirely disconnected from the rest of the world.

By January 27, 2011