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Use Evernote Food 2.0 to save recipes, find new restaurants

Evernote Food originally helped you save favorite meals by keeping pictures and notes on each one. The new version still lets you save pictures, but it also helps you find recipes and restaurants.

By May 3, 2013


Whirlpool Gold 6.2 cu. ft. Electric Range (WFE720H0AS)

If you're looking for a reliable, no-frills electric range with a fashionably modern look, this Whirlpool fits the bill.

May 30, 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating May 30, 2014

Vindigo 2.0

Planning a trip? Don't go without Vindigo. It's the best digital travel companion on the planet and the only app of its kind. It's well worth the subscription fee.

June 13, 2002

4 stars Editors' rating June 13, 2002

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Reporters' Roundtable: Dining 2.0

OpenTable, Yelp, Foursquare, Groupon. The dining business now has more Web 2.0 helpers than ever. For a restaurant owner, navigating these services can help--or hinder--success. Today, we explore how.

By April 1, 2011


Feeding 2.0

I just learned that pouched baby food is considered the 2.0 of baby food. So I guess that adding an integrated dispensing spoon to the pouch--so that you squeeze food and feed the kid one-handed--is feeding 2.0, right?

By July 19, 2010


New York jumps on the Lunch 2.0 bandwagon

The trend of midday networking-and-food parties that's swept Silicon Valley has headed east to New York.

By October 17, 2007


Gomobo uses Twitter for new 'food buddy' feature

The mobile food ordering service will now send updates to your Twitter feed to encourage your friends to stop by, hang out, and steal your food.

By October 17, 2007


The Web 2.0 economy hangs in limbo

Earnings are healthy, and new digital-ad networks are debuting seemingly by the day, but no one can deny that these economic times demand caution.

By April 25, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 677: HD VMD FTW 2.0

HD VMD is making its mainstream debut as the next NEXT-generation high-def DVD format. We're tired of war. But we like the low prices, yes, we do.

By March 10, 2008


Late night food runs 2.0: GopherNow

Find food late with GopherNow.

By July 2, 2007