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Fire up the pizza oven for best results

The Fontana Fuoco Vivo Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven brings a new dimension of pizza-making for the home cook.

By February 22, 2011


Bottoms up! Lug heavy water bottles no more

Haier's Aqua Fontana is a cooler that lets you install water bottles at floor level, right-side-up.

By August 28, 2008


Remember the Cisco tablet? More are on the way

Cisco says it is at work on larger and smaller versions of its business-centric Cius tablet, which are expected next year.

By November 30, 2011


Red Hat adds to its legal bench

Red Hat gets more legal clout. Hopefully it won't need it.

By March 5, 2008


BBC America hit Copper lands on LoveFilm

BBC America hit Copper comes to LoveFilm this week, after Kevin Spacey calls to give viewers what we want, when we want it.

By September 9, 2013


Ten open-source companies that actually are worth watching

So many "best of" lists are lame. Not this list of 10 open-source companies worth watching.

By September 2, 2008


New LGPL draft expected in June

By February 14, 2006


Mixing it up on the set of 'Copper'

The Audiophiliac talks with Frank Morrone about mixing sound for BBC America's new show "Copper."

By August 26, 2012


Quench laps up $30 million in funding

Just how eager are investors to bet on filtered office water coolers that don't use water jugs?

By October 13, 2011


GM going green

General motors plans to use renewable energy at manufacturing facilities.

By April 20, 2009