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Google Friend Connect conference call live blog

This is a record of a live blog of a conference call held by Google to discuss its new Friend Connect service.

By May 12, 2008


Yahoo Search opens to third-party developers

The Microsoft acquisition target announces plans to support semantic Web standards and open its search platform to third parties. Will it be a hit with Web developers?

By March 13, 2008


Pizza time for OpenSocial applications

The first wave of applications built on Google's OpenSocial APIs is set for liftoff in the next few weeks as MySpace, Orkut, and Hi5 make the final push to release their software.

By March 3, 2008


Episode 624: I can has monopoly?

We were just innocently chatting along when we identified the fact that our current economic order essentially mandates monopolies to fix our excessive government interference in free-market forces. Weird.

By December 14, 2007