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FlyBook V33i HSDPA: Frustration at your fingertips

This stylish convertible laptop gives you broadband Internet access wherever there's a 3G phone signal, but it'll cost ya

By Oct. 17, 2006


Flybook VM: Mile-high, club-class laptop

It's the curse of long-haul flights in economy: you're trying to commune with your laptop but the person in front of you leans back and their seat decapitates your screen. Flybook's VM laptop may be the answer

By Jun. 8, 2006


Laptop may save posture, not money

$3,000 'FlyBook' has telescoping screen

By Dec. 10, 2006


Battle of the giraffe-necked laptops

Philips comes out with its own 'Longneck' with extendable screen

By Apr. 27, 2007


Laptops of the future coming up at CeBIT 2007

Come check out three of the hottest laptops we reckon will be on show at this year's CeBIT exhibition in Germany

By Mar. 6, 2007


Tech firms in World Cup profiteering shocker

Every four years we see a plethora of tech products inspired by the World Cup -- this year is no different. Here's a round-up of the best (worst?) we've seen so far

By May. 17, 2006