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"Bulbageddon" claims another victim (and it isn't incandescents)

Citing rising efficiency standards and a changing market, GE Lighting plans to shake up the lighting aisle this year -- and an entire category is about to get squeezed out as a result.

By February 1, 2016


NASA's fluorescent plane glows with the research flow

Can fluorescent oil help researchers improve better aeronautic designs? NASA hopes so.

By September 30, 2013


Fluorescent compounds shed light on Alzheimer's disease

New class of imaging agents enables clinicians to watch the progression of Alzheimer's disease in real time in the brains of living patients.

By September 18, 2013


Fluorescent tube replacement has apps, LED, Wi-Fi

LED light panel from Japan's NetLED could be the superstar of all light fixtures.

By January 19, 2012


Cree LED takes aim at office fluorescent lights

The ubiquitous fluorescent tube lights in offices will get a run for the money with efficient, long-lasting LED light fixtures, says Cree.

By April 26, 2011


Cell phone microscope now works under fluorescent light

CellScope, a microscope camera made by pairing a cell phone and a special lens, is now powerful enough to capture images of bacteria labeled with fluorescent markers.

By July 21, 2009


Hands-on with the Pentax Optio V20: Fluorescent adolescent

The design of the 8-megapixel Pentax Optio V20 is a little more grown-up than previous entries in the Optio range -- but not much. Is this a terrible teen or a growing snapper?

By June 3, 2008


Cutting out the mercury in compact fluorescents

Sylvania says it only needs to put about one-third of the mercury in its fanciest CFLs.

By April 10, 2008


Wireless camera powered by fluorescent light

The magic lies in a ring-shaped component attached to the bulb.

By December 3, 2007


Father of the compact fluorescent bulb looks back

In 1976, Good Times ruled TV, Gerald Ford was trying to "whip inflation now," and in Ohio, a new kind of light bulb was being invented. The man behind the CFL looks back.

By August 16, 2007