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Grand Theft Florence: Hands on with 15th-century Italy in Assassin's Creed II

Ubisoft's sequel to their 2007 parkour/virtual reality adventure changes landscapes to Renaissance Italy with great success.

By November 20, 2009


Meet Facebook's oldest user, a 101-year-old

Facebook has confirmed that Florence Detlor, who was born during William Howard Taft's presidency, is the oldest registered user of the social-networking site.

By August 29, 2012


Could subway dig topple Michelangelo's 'David'?

According to some experts, Michaelangelo's "David" has such cracked ankles that engineering work beneath Florence could cause him to keel over.

By March 5, 2011


In Italy, futuristic bus stops to blend practical, chic

Florence will get the first taste of bus stops with MIT-developed tech that tells you exactly where the bus is and when it's actually arriving.

By May 20, 2009


Wikimedia Foundation edits its board of trustees

Effective immediately, longtime Wikipedia community member Michael Snow will take over as chairman of the board from previous head Florence Devouard.

By July 18, 2008


A media blackhole in Colorado

For nearly six years all media requests to gain access to inmates at the super-maximum security ADX prison in Florence Colorado have been denied by the BOP.

By August 20, 2007


Kim Kardashian, wife, is most liked Instagram ever

Inevitably, an image of the event of the century, the Kim and Kanye wedding, has elicited 1.92 million likes on Instagram. You need this explained?

By May 29, 2014


Dolphin translator chirps out first word

Scientists working on a two-way dolphin communicator have made a breakthrough -- their device may have translated a single whistle in real time.

By April 2, 2014


Mars Curiosity rover sings 'Happy Birthday' to itself

Anyone listening on Mars would have heard the Curiosity rover singing to celebrate its one-year anniversary since touching down.

By August 5, 2013