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Flintstone facts? 41 percent of Americans say people and dinosaurs co-existed

Riding a Brontosaurus bareback might not be a fantasy. It could be history, depending on who you ask.

By June 26, 2015


Samsung shrieks: Captain Kirk, Fred Flintstone talked to watches

A new ad trying to make the poorly reviewed Galaxy Gear somehow relevant, features Captain Kirk, and a host of other watch-talkers throughout entertainment history.

By October 6, 2013


Ep. 822: Where there's too many chefs in the kitchen

The Internet can be a breeding ground for bad ideas, and today's show highlights a few of them, like naming your kid after a Facebook button, making a fatal planking error, and replacing McDonalds cashiers with robots. There's good news today too, though - Seth MacFarlane just got the green light to reboot The Flintstones television series!

By May 17, 2011