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FlingSmash bundle: Best way to buy a new Wii Remote

If you're considering buying a new Wii Remote, now is a good time indeed.

By November 11, 2010


Is Nintendo readying a new Wii Remote?

Box art for a new Wii game displays the words "Wii Remote Plus." Could this be an updated version of Nintendo's control device?

By September 24, 2010


Nintendo Wii Remote Plus

Nintendo has finally released a remote with Wii Motion Plus tech built in, and it's indistinguishable from the classic Wii Remote--in a good way.

November 10, 2010

4 stars Editors' rating November 10, 2010

Mario celebrates 25 years with Wii, DSi bundles

Nintendo plans to release a Red Wii bundle a Red Nintendo DSi XL bundle on November 7. Also coming: a Wii Remote Plus for better control of on-screen action.

By October 21, 2010


Nintendo DSi XL's screen 93 percent bigger

At its first-quarter media event, Nintendo unveils newest DS handheld game machine, touts record 2009 sales numbers, and announces Super Mario Galaxy 2's launch date.

By February 24, 2010