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The 747: A sad flight into the sunset

As Boeing prepares to end production of the world's of the best and most recognizable aircraft, this aviation geek is shedding a tear.

By July 28, 2016


Pokemon Go hasn't helped Nintendo, solar flight success and 'Jason Bourne' reviewed (CNET UK podcast 491 show notes)

The massively popular game is doing little for Nintendo's woeful bottom line, but a plane has circumnavigated the globe without a drop of fuel -- and lots more on this week's podcast.

By July 29, 2016


Anna Faris and Rhys Darby star in flight safety video you might actually watch

Air New Zealand wants you to have a safe flight -- and it's using celebrities and social media to make that happen.

By July 20, 2016


Facebook's self-flying, solar-powered, Wi-Fi airplane nails first flight

One small step for Facebook, and one giant step for Wi-Fi worldwide.

By July 21, 2016


In-flight interview with Solar Impulse 2 pilot Captain Piccard

We spoke with the Solar Impulse 2 solar-powered plane's pilot, Bertrand Piccard, during the final leg of his trip around the world. The Solar Impulse 2 is is just hours away from making history as the first airplane to fly around the world using only sunlight for fuel.

By July 25, 2016


Passengers film from inside Singapore Airlines flight as plane burns

Technically Incorrect: The right engine of a Boeing 777 bursts into flames during an emergency landing at Singapore's Changi airport.

By June 27, 2016


Lyft's new Scheduled Rides might help you make your flight

Now you can schedule a Lyft trip ahead of time.

By May 23, 2016


EgyptAir honors missing flight on social media

The airline added dark banners to its Facebook and Twitter accounts, mourning flight 804, which disappeared from radar Thursday morning.

By May 20, 2016


How did this British Airways flight end up with a square tire?

A flight from Hong Kong mysteriously lands in London with one of its 18 tires deflated and squished into a square.

By May 11, 2016


Hoverboard flight breaks world record

Franky Zapata has piloted his company's jaw-dropping Flyboard Air over 2,252 metres, shattering the previous world best. Take a look at the gravity-defying tech here.

By May 4, 2016