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FBI tips off Apple to security flaw -- a first under sharing process

For the first time under a White House process created in 2014, the agency shares information about a flaw in an Apple product, the company tells Reuters.

By April 26, 2016


The new SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive is fast and flawed

CNET editor Dong Ngo only watches stuff in epic HD. And the new SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive, while super fast, can't let him do that. How disappointing!

By April 21, 2016


Apple iOS 9 flaw enlists Siri to bypass your iPhone 6S lock screen

A bug in Apple's mobile software allows access to photos and contacts on an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, according to video demos.

By April 5, 2016


Apple encryption flaw exposes iMessage pictures and videos

In a software update Monday, the iPhone maker will issue a fix for the vulnerability, discovered by security researchers.

By March 21, 2016


Samsung Galaxy S7's one flaw: It still runs Android

Commentary: Apple's iOS still feels slightly slicker, more polished and more intuitive to use than Samsung's take on Android.

By March 13, 2016


Adobe rushes out emergency update for 'critical' Flash security flaw

With the vulnerability already being exploited by hackers, Adobe recommends all Flash users install the security patch as soon as possible.

By March 11, 2016


Facebook flaw offered easy way to crack into accounts

An Indian computer researcher nabs $15,000 from Facebook's bug bounty program after alerting the social network to a simple, but serious, security hole.

By March 8, 2016


Keen Home's Smart Vents suffer from critical design flaws

These vents are reasonably priced and have plenty of potential but you shouldn't install them until they've been fixed.

By February 17, 2016


Yahoo Mail flaw gets fixed, and a researcher nets $10K

If the bug hadn't been squashed, users of Yahoo's email service might have been victimized merely by reading a compromised message.

By January 20, 2016


This no-name wireless sports headphone has only one flaw

Only $25 online, the SoundPeats Q9A Bluetooth sports headphone is a popular choice on Amazon. But is it worth buying?

By December 15, 2015