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Road test: Navigon's flat-rate iPhone navigation app

If you'd rather not pay 10 bucks per month for navigation software, consider Navigon's non-subscription alternative. It works nicely, but desperately needs some updates.

By July 27, 2009


Virgin Mobile jumps on flat-rate bandwagon

The new flat-rate services from Virgin Mobile USA are cheaper than offerings from the big four nationwide carriers--and customers don't need to sign a contract.

By June 24, 2008


Verizon Wireless goes flat-rate

While other carriers have already launched flat-rate plans of limited scope, Verizon is making its $99 offer available nationwide.

By February 19, 2008


T-Mobile calls AT&T's new plans confusing, expensive

T-Mobile doesn't waste any time bashing AT&T's new no-contract phone plans and says families can still save more on its own plans.

By December 5, 2013


On Call: Best carriers for recycling your phone

Recycling your cell phones is very easy with options from carriers, manufacturers, and retailers. CNET takes a look at the best carrier-sponsored programs.

By April 20, 2011


Amaysim to 'cut the crap' out of mobile call costs

A new virtual mobile operator today launched its operations in Australia, offering a service without contracts and calling costs minus flagfall.

By November 22, 2010


Sprint offers unlimited calling to any cell phone

Sprint Nextel's latest Everything plan now offers unlimited calling to and from any cell phone, regardless of carrier.

By September 10, 2009


Just Mobile offers cheap calls with no flagfall

Just Mobile may be the new kid on the block, but its calls are definitely cheap enough to raise a few eyebrows.

By September 15, 2009


Lebara mobile: Overseas calls at Skype prices

A new prepaid calling service offers Australians international calls from their mobiles at rates comparable to Skype.

By March 29, 2009


Vint Cerf calls for Internet speed limits

One of the fathers of the Internet, Vint Cerf, offers suggestions for controlling network congestion on broadband networks in the wake of the FCC's ruling against Comcast.

By August 5, 2008