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Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 makes its debut

The simulator is an extension that runs in Firefox and lets users check out how the operating system will work.

By March 14, 2013


Mozilla lights up preorders for Firefox OS-driven Flame

Firefox OS fans across the globe can now preorder Flame, the Web-based mobile operating system's first official reference phone.

By May 27, 2014


Firefox 3.0 reaching end of the line

Security and stability updates will finally come to an end with the release of Firefox 3.0.19, due out March 30.

By March 17, 2010


Firefox bringing web apps to Firefox 16

As Firefox 16 enters Mozilla's pre-beta Aurora channel, selected developers have been allowed to access the Mozilla app marketplace.

By July 23, 2012


Mozilla plots Web app store tools, updates Firefox

Mozilla has laid plans for building online stores for Web apps, though it doesn't plan to build a store itself. Also: new Firefox features and security fixes.

By October 20, 2010


Firefox 3.0 (#3): will not start, more fixes

or some users the newly released Firefox 3.0 will not properly launch.

By June 19, 2008


Firefox 3.0 (#2): crashes, missing bookmarks, iWeb issues, network user problems, more

A roster of significant issues with this major update.

By June 18, 2008


Mozilla pushes back Firefox 3.6, 4.0 deadlines

The newest version of the open-source browser won't arrive this year, and a major update might not arrive until 2011. But there are plenty of features coming.

By December 28, 2009


Mozilla releases Firefox 3.0 beta 4

New test version includes more than 900 enhancements to stability, performance, and memory, the maker of the open-source browser says.

By March 10, 2008


Firefox 3.5.6 patches critical security holes

A memory corruption bug and two issues with Ogg media technology are among the 62 fixes in the latest version of Mozilla's browser.

By December 16, 2009