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Google takes Chrome 64-bit for speed boost on Windows

New test versions of Google's browser catch up to a processor upgrade that began a decade ago. Google promises better speed, security, and stability.

By June 3, 2014


Snapdragon 410 is a 64-bit 4G chip for sub-£100 phones

The iPhone's 64-bit chip is not a "gimmick" after all, says Qualcomm in an embarrassing U-turn.

By December 10, 2013


Mozilla quietly ceases Firefox 64-bit development

Mozilla's engineering manager has requested that developers stop work on Windows 64-bit builds of Firefox.

By November 22, 2012


Firefox for Windows starts 64-bit transition

Programmers have begun releasing early versions of 64-bit Firefox. It's scheduled to be mature later this year.

By May 31, 2010


What's Adobe's 64-bit Flash plan?

Adobe Systems pulled the plug on its only 64-bit version of Flash, an experimental version for Linux. But the project remains a "high priority."

By June 21, 2010


Google's 64-bit Chrome starts emerging--on Linux

Some heavy lifting has been done to move Chrome to the 64-bit world. It's Linux-only for now, though, and don't expect doubled performance over 32-bit versions.

By August 20, 2009


Next Office will come in 32-bit, 64-bit versions

Microsoft confirms that Office 14 will be available in a 64-bit version, a first for the productivity suite and for Microsoft's other mainstream desktop applications.

By April 14, 2009


Adobe answers cries for 64-bit Flash on Linux

For impatient Linux fans who've taken the 64-bit plunge, Adobe finally has a 64-bit Flash Player plug-in. It's only an alpha release, though.

By November 16, 2008


Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and more hot news from Mobile World Congress 2015 press day

From long-expected new products like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 to surprises like the Huawei Watch and HTC Vive, here's everything you missed on the day before the Mobile World Congress officially opened.

By March 1, 2015


Microsoft's 'Spartan' browser makes official debut

The newest competitor to Internet Explorer comes from Microsoft itself. Project Spartan is the company's take on browsing in Windows 10.

By January 21, 2015