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Firefox 4 release plan: The need for speed

Better performance is high on the list of improvements planned for Firefox 4. If all goes well, the new browser should emerge by November.

By May 11, 2010


Opera 10.5 lags in my speed tests

Opera hopes its JavaScript engine will be the fastest on the market. But when CNET's Stephen Shankland compares the latest rough builds of several browsers, Opera falls short.

By February 12, 2010


Firefox 3.0 reaching end of the line

Security and stability updates will finally come to an end with the release of Firefox 3.0.19, due out March 30.

By March 17, 2010


IE to lose Windows monopoly next week in Europe

Company will start to publicly test its legally mandated browser choice process next week before a wider European launch around March 1.

By February 19, 2010


Firefox 3.6 due this month; next comes 'Lorentz'

Mozilla expects to release a snappier version of Firefox in January. Next, version 3.6.5 is planned for this quarter with a significant crash-proofing feature.

By January 13, 2010


Mozilla maps out Jetpack add-on transition plan

The Firefox backer is getting serious about a second crack at Jetpack, its new-and-improved foundation for add-ons to customize the browser.

By January 25, 2010


Firefox 3.5.7 fix could 'goose' browser upgrades

Mozilla expects that the latest Firefox tweak will lead more people to upgrade. Also: that first Firefox 3.6 release candidate could arrive Friday.

By January 6, 2010


Firefox development dilemma: Tweak or overhaul?

Programmers are considering beefing up a version of Firefox 3.6 with some features planned for 3.7. Will that speed or slow the browser advancement?

By January 4, 2010


Firefox update boasts a 20 percent speed increase

Mozilla has released version 3.6 of the Firefox browser, which addresses a number of bugs and adds some new features to the browser, including a 20 percent speed increase over the prior version.

By January 21, 2010


Firefox gets a visit from the future

Thanks to add-ons from a teenage Firefox aficionado from Tasmania, you can make your Firefox 3.6 look like mock-ups we've seen for Firefox 3.7 and Firefox 4.0.

January 22, 2010