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Chevy Spark is no firecracker (pictures)

The Spark mini car from Chevy bears a very low price and boasts high fuel economy, but its driving dynamics suffer from cost-cutting engineering.

22 Images By December 11, 2012


Burrell Smith: Macintosh hardware wizard

Few in the public may be familiar with Smith's work, but colleagues say this brilliant engineer's importance to the Mac is akin to what Woz meant to the first Apple computers.

By January 22, 2014


Charges dropped against teen in science experiment 'bomb'

Kiera Wilmot, the 16-year-old who put toilet cleaner and aluminum foil together at school and it went bang will not be charged with a felony.

By May 15, 2013


Expelled girl's 'bomb': Toilet cleaner and foil

As the scientific community rallies around Kiera Wilmot, the 16-year-old expelled for a scientific experiment gone slightly awry, court papers reveal hers was an ordinary experiment. The school, meanwhile, insists it did the right thing.

By May 3, 2013


Schoolgirl tries science experiment, arrested for felony

A teenage girl puts two household chemicals in a water bottle at school to see what might happen. There is a small explosion. No one is hurt. She is expelled and charged with weapons possession.

By May 1, 2013


GameStick portable gaming console cruises on Kickstarter

This Android console in your pocket picks up where Ouya left off, and goes along for the ride.

By January 4, 2013


Huge robot baby invades Shanghai, terrifies world

Visitors to Expo 2010 in Shanghai are being greeted by a 21-foot-tall robot baby in the Spanish pavilion. The monstrous tot, named Miguelin, can breathe and blink.

By April 30, 2010


Smule makes your iPhone go boom

Smule introduces Sonic Boom, an app that turns your iPhone into a virtual firecracker.

By October 22, 2008


Cell phones: Too hot to handle?

Increase in mishaps--sometimes explosive--highlights growing danger of defects and unsafe, counterfeit batteries.

By October 25, 2004


Feds mull broadband market shake-up

U.S. regulators plan a major overhaul in telecommunications policy that could strengthen the hand of local phone monopolies in a number of key areas, including high-speed Internet access.

By January 6, 2003