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How to recover deleted photos from a memory card

Just deleted an important batch of images from your memory card? Never fear, here's how to undelete them for Mac and PC users.

By July 29, 2014


Address document-handling frustrations in OS X

Occasionally in some setups, opening even standard document filetypes can result in odd and frustrating errors.

By October 30, 2012


Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a weekly feature in which we answer questions e-mailed in by our readers. We welcome alternative approaches and views from readers and encourage you to post your own suggestions in the comments.

By September 15, 2011


Troubleshooting utility news and update

Our utilities update report is a column on updates for Mac utilities that have been released in the past week, which include maintenance tools, monitoring utilities, and file-handling tools for OS X.

By August 8, 2011


New Mac Trojan, OSX/Jahlav-C has been discovered

2009 has seen quite an onslaught of malicious software targeting the Mac OS. The siege continues with a new Trojan, OSX/Jahlav-C. This software is most closely associated with the Internet Web site, PornTube, masquerading as an ActiveX object that users m

By June 12, 2009


iPhone Drag and Drop File Transfer Tool Debuts

What is perhaps the easiest-to-use computer-to-iPhone file transfer tool has debuted. File Magic, a new Mac or PC and iPhone tandem application purportedly requires only three steps.

By January 21, 2009


PC Migration to Mac: Converting Outlook to Mac OS X Mail

Many PC users migrating to Mac OS X store their emails and other personal organization data (calendars, contacts) in Microsoft Outlook. Although setting up new email accounts is relatively simple, it can be frustrating to migrate previously downloaded ema

By January 22, 2009


Default Browser settings revert after rebooting

When users launch Safari, Firefox, or other browsers, they may be prompted with the option to set the current browser as the default. This option might also be available from the browser's menus or preferences as well, and while it should work, some users

By November 11, 2008


Changing iCal back to the default calendar

When users install third-party calendar software, such as Entourage, the installation process may displace iCal as the the default for accepting invitations and other calendar-related functions. This will then prevent iCal from handling these features

By September 24, 2008


Securing files in single-account environments

In a multi-user environment, users' files are separated to provide a level of privacy and security, and while arguably the best way to run the computer is to conform to the standard of keeping each user account separate, many choose not to do this for a v

By September 2, 2008