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Facebook file-transfer app Pipe goes wide Wednesday

After more than a year of working out the kinks, Pipe is set to go public on Wednesday, letting Facebook friends transfer files as big as a gigabyte.

By June 4, 2013


Gmail, meet Google Drive -- and behold 10GB file transfers

Users can now send files from Google Drive that are 400 times larger than is possible in a traditional attachment.

By November 27, 2012


Automate file transfers between Dropbox and Android devices

Cloud storage is giving us a bewildering array of tools to share our files. Cloudpipes makes it simple to automate transfers between your Android device and Dropbox.

By July 13, 2012


How to speed up file transfers in Windows

The built-in file transfer system in Windows can be quite slow, as anyone who uses networked hard drives or moves large media files knows from painful experience. TeraCopy is a great, easy to use app that optimizes transfer speed while avoiding other pitfalls of Windows Explorer.

By February 16, 2012


Apple patent hints at gesture-based file transfer for iOS devices

New patents filed by Apple suggest we may soon be able to metaphorically pour files between iOS devices, as well as use our busy hands to create 3D graphics.

By July 13, 2011


How to network between the classic Mac OS and OS X for file transfer

Sometimes you may have an old Mac lying around that you would like to retrieve files from. Thinking it's an easy task, you grab your nearest USB stick only to find the computer does not have any USB ports, or for that matter, any FireWire ports. As such the majority of transfer devices, including flash drives, CD/DVD drives, and external hard drives, will not work the the older machine.

By April 26, 2010


File transfers come to iGoogle, Orkut; Gmail's next

Google Talk is finally getting a feature it's been missing since launch: file transfers. The feature could even be making it to Gmail soon.

By March 29, 2010


Bluetooth File Transfer Coming to the iPhone

One of the iPhone's more ridiculous limitations is its inability to sync with host computers and transfer files back and forth. An enterprising developer, however, has written an application that allows not only computer-to-iPhone file transfers via Bluet

By January 26, 2009


iPhone Drag and Drop File Transfer Tool Debuts

What is perhaps the easiest-to-use computer-to-iPhone file transfer tool has debuted. File Magic, a new Mac or PC and iPhone tandem application purportedly requires only three steps.

By January 21, 2009


Unsolved problem with TiVo file transfers frustrates users

The conversion and transferring software from Roxio remains unusable for a number of TiVo customers.

By February 8, 2008