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Judge: making files available to file-trading network is illegal

For the second time, a judge has ruled that it's copyright infringement to post songs you ripped from your own CD to a file trading network.

By August 28, 2007


Photo: File-trading fellowship

Snocap's Shawn Fanning, Ali Aydar and Jordan Mendelson aim to transform peer-to-peer networks into authorized distribution channel for music.

December 6, 2004


Judge slows MPAA file-trading suits

A California judge says the movie studios have improperly bundled too many separate cases together.

By November 24, 2004


RIAA steps up file-trading suits

The Recording Industry Association of America files 531 new copyright suits against alleged music swappers.

By February 17, 2004


RIAA sues iMesh file-trading firm

The Recording Industry Association of America says it had sued the Israeli file-swapping company, one of the oldest of the peer-to-peer companies still in operation.

By September 19, 2003


RIAA seeks to alter file-trading culture

The recording industry's first wave of lawsuits against alleged music pirates is changing the legal landscape--but can it manage to crush interest in file trading?

By September 10, 2003


Court blocks some file-trading subpoenas

A Massachusetts court blocks recording industry subpoenas that are aimed at college song swappers, saying two universities are not immediately required to give student identities.

By August 8, 2003


FTC warns about file trading, spyware

The Federal Trade Commission issues a brief consumer warning about potential privacy concerns surrounding file-swapping software and spyware.

By July 30, 2003


RIAA turns up heat on file-trading at work

Pressure is building on companies to crack down on peer-to-peer software use by employees, as record labels and other copyright holders warn of the potential legal liability.

By March 18, 2003


Freenet keeps file-trading flame burning

A new version of the Freenet software, a program based around wholly anonymous Net publishing and distribution, is due out Monday after long silence from its developer community.

By October 28, 2002